Unterschrift Jessica Ried
portrait of the illustrater

Hello and welcome to my page. I am currently studying art therapy in the master's program after graduating with a bachelor's degree in illustration from HAW Hamburg in 2022. I made the decision to study art therapy because of my interest and self-experience regarding the healing potential of artistic processes. Moreover, I have always been fascinated by how artistic media can make invisible inner processes visible and, in turn, bring them into conscious awareness.

I primarily work with traditional mediums, but I also enjoy experimenting with the versatile possibilities of digital art. My greatest joy comes from working in mixed media, where I can combine the unique qualities of each medium. Animals, plants and humans are my favourite subjects I like to draw, paint and sculpture. Through depicting them, I try to convey emotions, psychological topics or simply capture their unique organic shapes in a loose flowy way. Lately, I've been taking a more playful approach to creating art by letting myself go with what intuitively comes out on the paper.

Growing up in a small village in Bavaria, always surrounded by nature has significantly influenced my personality, interests and art style. To recharge my creative energy and to spend time with my family, I always return to this special place.

If you have any more questions about my work and life head over to my f.a.q. or reach out to me using my contact details.