Seashell Buddy Duplexo


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Get to know Duplexo! This creature may look a bit scary, but don’t worry, it is a gentle and calm soul. If you feel nervous or tense, exploring the different textures of your seashell buddy and getting to know its unique form may help you relax and can reduce skin picking. The roughness of the seashell and the sleekness of the creature’s body transform the seashell buddy into an interesting sensory object, that you can fidget with.

This sculpture is handmade, making it a truly unique piece that will never be sold again in its exact form and color. It is crafted using a real seashell, polymer clay, and coated with resin. Additional to the sculpture you will get a custom tag and a small fabric bag, like you can see in the pictures.

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3,9 cm x 4,2 cm x 1,7 cm


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